About Us

We are sisters who have escaped city life (with husbands and kids in tow) and bought a hobby farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  It has two houses, a hill, a creek, lots of trees and heaps of potential.
Most importantly we have a gorgeous STUDIO dedicated to our business.  It was originally the horse stables and we could see it had the potential to be our dream studio.   We sourced recycled French doors and windows, reused timber from around the farm and got lucky with a builder who understood our vision.  The result is an inspiring space, with a view down the hill, where we can design, plan and sew for endless hours (or until the kids come knocking on the door).
Our mother was a Home Economics teacher and a seamstress with perfectionist tendencies.  When we wanted new clothes we had to make them.  This meant a masterclass in whatever sewing techniques were required to complete the garment we designed.  At the time we were not too happy about this ‘apprenticeship’ but as it turns out these skills have come in pretty handy.  There is a certain ‘magic’ in designing a dress, drafting the pattern, sourcing the fabric, cutting it out and then sewing it into life.
We think the best clothes to own are easy to wear timeless shapes in fun fabrics that you look forward to wearing again and again.  Our approach is the opposite of the fast fashion cycle …. It can be referred to as slow fashion.  Craftwomanship is at the heart of what we do.  This means we ‘do it once, do it well’ and our garments are of the highest quality and made to be your favourites for years.

Danita and Bianca in their studio
Danita & Bianca in The Good Garment studio