Ways of Making

We do things a little bit differently here at The Good Garment.  We're all about Australian made and slow fashion so we have our Slow Fashion Schedule that is the basis of our Ways of Making.

What's the Slow Fashion Schedule?

Well as a sustainable fashion brand we are always trying to reduce waste. One of the best ways to stop fashion waste is to only make something when someone wants it. That's why most of our pieces are made-to-order. And when they are made, they're made locally, right here in Australia. This means things happen a little slower but our motto is "if it's worth having, it's worth waiting for".

What's the Making Process?

Each piece is cut out by hand by Danita in our studio in the Gold Coast Hinterland.  Then a batch is made up for our amazing seamstresses Linda and Marion.  So each week there's a limited number of garments we can cut-out and make up. Linda is based on the Gold Coast too but Marion is in Central Queensland so her batch is sent to her each week.  Once Linda and Marion have worked their magic, Danita receives the batches back, folds them, packs them up and sends them on their way to their new homes.

How to Order?

At the Good Garment we generally make-to-order however we do have one-off items and sample garments available at some times. When it comes to ordering, we have 3 types of garments available for sale: 

1. Made-to-order garments (from our permanent collection)

2. Pre-order garments (new release prints)

3. Good-to-go garments (ready-made, samples & unicorns)


1. Made-to-order garments

Made-to-order garments from our permanent collection (i.e.not pre-orders) are made-to-order with love and care and will usually be posted within 3-4 weeks.  As a custom-made business with sustainability in mind, we do our best to forecast our fabric needs, however at times the popularity of prints is unpredictable. This means the turnaround time may be longer due to fabric delivery.  If this is the case we will let you know but for most of our permanent collection garments we have fabric on hand.

 2. Pre-order garments

New prints or new styles will usually be available on a Pre-order basis.  This is so we don't have waste in trying to predict demand. For pre-orders, the garments will be listed on the website as SOLD OUT so you can browse and find out all about them. Once the Pre-order launches, garments will be available to order until the pre-order close date or until our Slow Fashion Schedule is full. Pre-order will usually take a bit longer to send out as we'll only have a limited amount of fabric on-hand. The rest will be ordered once the Pre-order window closes. General timeframe from order close is 4-6 weeks. 

3. Good-to-go garments

Danita's a Creative and so sometimes she'll come up with an idea and just have to make something up. These 'unicorn' garments don't always result in a style that we end up adding to our collection so we often have unicorns available for sale.  There are also garments that may have been exchanges or used for photos only.  These are all ready-made and 'good-to-go'.  All good-to-go garments are sent via Express Post within 1-2 business days of ordering.

What can be Customised?

Dresses - for some dresses you can choose to have sleeves or no sleeves and make it shorter or longer.
Our sizing chart has all the standard measurements for each size so you just need to refer to that to see what'll work for you.  
All other garments we can easily adjust the length.
If you want any further customisations please contact us before ordering and we'll see what we can do.

Tops - For the tops, you can request the length of the top or the length of the sleeves to be adjusted.
To do this just refer to the standard measurements on our sizing chart and then work out what to add or take away.
Once you've added your top to your shopping cart just add a note in the "Please leave special instructions below" field,
specifying the finished length you require.

And best of all, all standard customise options (dress/top/sleeve length) are free!